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Own Characters Ideas And Images
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Here are some of our ideas for new engines and other characters.

Jupiter The American Engine

Danny the LNER A8 Tank Engine

Ernie The Atlantic 4-4-2 Tender Engine

Jordon The Rebuilt Merchant Navey Engine

Donvito The French 4-8-2 Tender Engine

Oakley the big engine:

Oakley is a rebuilt merchant navy engine with a 6 wheel tender.
he was bought to sodor for pulling heavy passenger trains to the docks and back to knapford station.

Ralph the NE Engine:

Ralph is one of Gresley's A4 class locomotives, he came to sodor for STH to pull a train of 15 coaches with holiday makers from sodor to the mainland but brokedown halfway between, so STH sent Virgil to fetch him and they both became good friends.

Richard the WD Austerity:

one of the main jobs STH had for Richard was to show Bill and Ben how to pull trucks properly along the mainline but this ended up in disaster after bill shunted and biffed a flatbed truck on the crossover line and caused Richard to go into a brick-wall which came down on top of him.

Bluenose the 8F Navy train:

Bluenose is Sodor's strict 8F 2-8-0 naval engine who is a bluish Grey color with WD written on his tender, He orders all the engines about when their working but the tables turn when a truckload of sandbags knocks him into the tidal pool and takes the engines all night to get him out but in the end he is very sorry and learns the errors of his ways.

Megan the mail coach;

A new mail coach called Megan takes a liking to Arthur when he takes her on her first run with the night train, but trouble starts when Percy accidentally leaves her at the smelters yard in the hands of arry and Bert.

Jill and Phil the J94 tanks:

Jill and Phil are both Satin black engines with big shiny wheels and red coupling rods, Jill decides to leave Phil to handle the trucks at the smelters but causes arry to crash into the old shed by bumping the trucks into him.
later Jill comes to the rescue and Phil goes back to helping in the yards.

Adam the Steam roller:

Adam is Georges twin steam roller and is very kind to the engines, but one day George causes trouble and puts the blame on Adam who was working with Fergus at the time.
later Fergus sees George causing trouble and catches him out.
Vernon the SR engine

Vernon is a schools class locomotive with a 6 wheel tender, he was used to pull small freight back on his line but was sent to Sodor after a nasty accident with a tanker lorry called vince.
in the end he loved Sodor and STH kept him for new duties.

NOTE: Vernon's Wheel data is 4-4-0 with a 6 wheel tender.
.Vernon is dark green with southern written on his tender

Melody the Milk van

Melody is a 6 wheel milk van with a stubborn attidude towards the engines.
She was used for delivering milk for farmer brown but was sent away to be used for a shed after she broke away from her train and destroyed the milk storage shed.

Wallace the Red Dustcart

a new dustcart called wallace has arrived on Sodor to help clear up all the rubbish in the foundry because of complaints from the holidaymakers.
but a rainy day makes it hard for his wheels to keep traction on the bumpy roads.

Eddie the Railway Barge

Eddie is a barge used to transport the engines and wagons from Sodor's dockyard to the mainlands.
he loves his job and gets a chance to talk to the engines when they are not busy.

Ted and Jed the twin lorry's

Ted and his twin Jed are foden lorry's who work in railway yards and docks, They love making trouble for the engines and vehicles on Sodor.
But luck changes when they both collide in toby's gorge and are sent for repairs.
This will teach them to behave!

Theodore The Foreign Engine

A foreign engine named Theodore has arrived from England to help Murdoch with freight duties around Sodor fro STH.

Victor the Naughty Steam Diesel

Victor is a steam diesel with a bad attitude, he used to work on the avon valley railway till they sent him away because of his ways.

Note: His configuration is 0-6-0 + 0-6-0 with outside valve gear.

Rosemary the Nice engine

Rosemary is a duchess class 8p configuration 4-6-2 with a 6 wheel tender.
She is called a duchess engine becuase she used to pull the royal trans in england and was brought to Sodor for special clean work.

NOTE: .Rosemary is a Burgundy Color with smoke deflectors.
.She likes being very clean.
.She has a foreign accent.

Henry the GCR Engine

Henry is a GCR 4-4-2 with a 6 wheel tender, STH had ordered him from England for passenger train duties.
Althought high spirited he gets over confident and this makes him a bit bossy.

Note: Henry is based on the 4-4-2 atlantic at the NRM in york

Dylan the new engine driver

Dylan is a station porter at lower tidmouth station, he has always wanted to drive a steam engine on sodor as it was his dream when he was a little boy.
His luck soon changes when a new engine called Awdry arrives at Knappford station.

Note: Awdry's arrangement is 4-8-2 with an 8 wheel tender.
.Awdry is a French Moutain 241P express engine.
Ernest the small WellTank.

Ernest is a Aveling and porter 0-4-0WT, He is similar to Fergus but his wheels are closer together.
Like all engines he is the oldest out of them all and he feels like a regular worker he wanted to work in the docks but the manager sent him to work with Fergus in the quarry.

Luke the lucky Engine

Luke is the sleekest engine on sodor, he came from Manchester and is a very lucky engine indeed.
Not all Midland railway engines are taken to live somewhere else but he has a hidden tallent which nobody knows about.

Note: Wheel data 4-4-0 compound with a 6 wheel tender from the LMSR

.Luke is a Dark red engine with yellow lines on his tender.

Winston the little engine

Winston is a very small engine, not much is known about him but he is a very kind little engine indeed.
STH Brought him to work with Skarloey and Rheneas in the yards where he could meet the bigger engines.

Lawson and Dawson the BR M7 tank engines

Lawson and Dawson are both BR M7 tanks from Northern England, They are both black with Br Early Crests and they work together allday everyday of the year.

Note: M7 tank engine wheel data is 0-4-4

Lenny the LNER N2 tank engine

Lenny a new tank engine from the LNER comes to visit sodor for a week with the manager of the Avon Valley Railway.
Lenny is sent to work with Bill, Ben, Fergus and Mavis at the quarry but trouble starts when ben decides to muck around with a ballast train and ends up bumping lenny down the ravine.
Lenny is then sent to the works and comes back to help finish the jobs set.

Note: Lenny's Wheel data is 0-6-2T

Gregory the Big Steam crane

A big Crane called Gregory thinks Murdoch is a big anoying bug, but he learns a valuable lesson that being big can have a difference as he finds out.

Note: Gregory's wheel configuration is 0-10-0.

Rik the digger

Rik is a JCB with a front and back scoop, he has been choosen to work on the new branchline route for thomas but learns that being a steam engine is very useful when it comes to working hard.

Polly the A3 Pacific

Polly is a LNER A3 Express Engine with an 8 wheel tender, She was taken out of service and scrapped but was then brought to sodor to work with Gordon, Henry, Ralph and james with the heavy express train.

Note: Polly is a Doncaster green engine with LNER on her tender sides.

.Polly's is number 2560
.The engines call her "Pretty Polly".
Paul the Pullman coach

Paul is a very special pullman coach used for the duke and duchess of Buxton.
Hauled by spencer once but came off the tracks after Spencer rounded the bend to fast and came off into a muddy ditch beside the track.

Note: Paul is From England

Chris The Christmas Engine

It's christmas and the children look forward to this time of year when the christmas engine puffs round sodor with special loads for them.
But on christmas eve he brakes down and thomas comes to help him deliver all the loads before nightfall.

Note: This is the First Appearence of Chris.
. his wheel data is 0-4-0.
Sigfreid the Small tender engine

Sigfreid is a small 4-4-2 tender engine from england, TFC bought him to work on the Arlesdale Railway with the other engines. Like all new engines he is a kindly soul and wishes he could become a good friend of the engines.

Note: Sigfried is a blue 4-4-2 with a bogied tender.

Ian the long diesel

Ian is a diesel engine who works on the other railway, he was rebuilt and put on the narrow gauge railway to help sir handel and peter sam with quarry duties.
He sometimes splutters and shakes when he has to shunt dirty coal cars in the yards.

Note: Ian is a small class 50 replica from the other railway.

Tracy the Compound engine

A Midland Railway engine called tracy was one of the engines TFC saw as a young boy on his travels in england, one day thomas takes him to knapford station where they meet him and he gets his own set of Marron coaches Tracy Adores his coaches and begins working hard for TFC.
Later TFC tells tracy his new home is Here on Sodor and tracy is very happy to be part of his railway.

Note: Tracy is a 4-4-0 compound engine with a 6 wheel tender.
.His colour is LMS Maroon red with gold stripes.
Rodney the road Sweeper:

A road cleaning machine named Rodney has come to clean up all the mess made by Diesel's freight train.
He is a Happy chap but dislikes Diesel and His ways, he like to make jokes about him and makes him a very cross engine.

Sir Fredrick:

Sir Fredrick is a Lord nelson class steam engine, He has very large smoke deflectors and a large valve gear.
He Thinks that being the longest engine on sodor makes him very important but soon lkearns a lesson in frienship with Gordon and Spencer.

Note: His wheel Arrangement is 4-6-0 with a bogied tender.
.His color is Matchelite Lined Green.

Tony The Tank:

Tony is a tanker Lorry, He was used to haul oil around the island but was going to fast round the bend and crashed into a ravine where his loads Exploded in a ball of fire.
He was lucky that the fire engines were following him at the time of the incident.

Travis The Traction Engine;

Travis is Fergus's twin engine, he is plain green with a tall funnel like Fergus.
He is a cheeky engine who often does everything right but was nearly crushed at the docks one day by Cranky when a Ship crashed into him.

Note: Travis's arrangement is 2-2-0
Francis the new engine

Francis is a German steam engine class 4-8-2 he is black with smoke deflectors and big red wheels.
STH said he was a nice looking engines and took him to live on sodor with the other engines. he is now used for freight and passenger duties.

Poppy the pink engine

A new steam engine called Poppy has arrived on sodor, she is a pink Z class tank engine with 8 drive wheels.
STH wanted her to work with emily who is also a female steam engine.
they had fun working all day and night till she lost her way back to tidmouth sheds and ended up in the docks.
Emily found her and she was made Sodor's official dock tank engine and now also works with salty and never gets tired of hearing his tales of the sea.

Note: She is a class 0-8-0T with a Foreign accent.

Wilson the wise old engine

Wilson is a old steam engine class 0-6-0 with a tender, He works on the Skarloey railway and was one of Duke and Bertrums oldest friends.
Duke decided to tell STH about Wilson and STH made him useful again. Bertrum looks after the old engine when he is not working and all three look exactly the same.
The old engine often tells them about the times he used to work on the other railway by the sea and how much people adored seeing him.

NOTE: Wilson is Red with Blue lines.
Rio the Dock Tank

Rio is a dock tank but there is something about him that makes the engines shiver.
He has no funnel or dome and his wheels are backwards, his valve gear and pistons are under his cab instead of at his front by his smokebox.
The engines like him but they thought he was a bit scary at first.

Jed the jumpy engine

Jed is a 0-4-0 tender engine with bright yellow paintwork and yellow wheels.
He is a jumpy engine because every time one of the engines goes to do a job asked he would jump in and do it for them.
This made the engines cross but he soon learned that jumping in can be really dangerous on mountain routes.

Jordon the freight engine

Jordon is a freight engine class 0-8-0 with a tender, He is black with a yellow stripe across his cab.
The Fat Controller sent him and Murdoch to fetch a trainload of iron from the iron works. Arry and Bert teased him for his size but when Arry and Bert derail on a bad bit of track Jordon comes to their rescue.
They thank him and they don't tease him anymore.

Note: Jordon's sodor number is 22
Drake the small tender engine

Drake is a L&M Replica of the famous lion locomotive, STH said he was one of the most greatest achivements his creator had ever built.
Drake loves running with his 3 coaches Flora, Sammy and Lucy.

Note: Drake is dark green with a wooden style boiler.

Andy and Mandy the Large Engines

Andy and Mandy are both large engines from Germany and are both red with long large boilers.
they hauled express trains all over germany till the end of steam.
STH made them both really useful for pulling passengers from sodor to the mailands.
Gladis the yellow ochre tender engine.

Gladis is a yellow ochre tender engine replica of the famous engine "Gladstone".
She is a 0-4-2 steam engine with a 6 wheel tender, the problem with her was when she was first built she had no side boards on her tender and her coal kept falling out as she went along the line.
Her designer made changes to her tender and she is now happy as can be, STH made her the pride of the mainline as she was one of the engines apart from her sister engine to run mainline trains.

Note: She is based on the engine at the NRM in york "Gladstone".


Ricardo is an American Steam tender Engine class 2-8-0 with a 4-0-4 tender.
Like Heavy engines they can easily come off if they go to fast and that is exactly what happend on his first day working on Sodor.

Jupiter The American General 4-4-0

Another engine from America, He is a freindly engine who gets his own line and never causes trouble for anyone.
He got his name after his creator and feels like a really useful engine .


Daniel the Diesel
Joe the petrol car
Jason the tractor

3 Ideas Above And Below By Hit2005





The above picture is Aris created by Arthur Fan.


Name: Melanie
Wheel Arrangement: 4-4-2
Based On: Hiawatha 4-4-2
Top Speed: 96 mph
Side Rods: Simple
Description: Melanie is a long, fast steam engine. She can be tempermental at times, & will never pull trucks. Despite this, she can be friendly and on some ocassions has been known to work well with Spencer.

Picture and Description by Trainmaster.