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Season Episode Ideas And Summary's

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Ideas by: Thomas Collector, Arthur Fan, Hit2005, Spencer1222, Petersam and ATKTRAINS.
Season 13:
1.Arthur's accident
2.Emilys and the tunnel
3.Thomas and the ice cream factory
4.Bulgy and the bad seed
5.Aris arives!
6.Percy and the pig
7.Aris,Murdoch and the express#
8.Fergus's fall
9.Harvy and the whale
10.Jack and the pack
11.Oliver meets oliver
13.Over the seas and far awy
14.Byron is best
15.Crankys wheels
16.The worlds best engine
17.Duck and duncan
18.Duck waddles away
19.Dirty Deiesel
20.Aris and Arthur
26.Arthur meets Emily

Season 13 by ARTHUR FAN

Season 17

17-2. Annie without Clarabel
17-3. Donald, Douglas, And Fergus.
By Petersam

Season 14:


1) Fergus, Salty and the important job
2) Spencer Goes to London
3) Thomas, Andy and Mandy
4) Gordon and Mary
5) Henry, Arthur And The Really Useful Engine
6) Falcon Comes home
7) Smudger Comes Back
8) Cranky and the Cranky Ship
9) Emily and Mary Meet
10) Smudger And the Old Coaches
11) Thomas, Percy and the Freight Special
12) The Grand Old Duke
13) Harvey Save's The Day
14) A Bad Day For Rheneas
15) Thomas Goes To York
16) Murdoch's busy Day
17) Murdoch's New Number
18) Thomas And Green Arrow
19) Thomas And The Railtour
20) Henry's Ovehaul
21) Emily and Mary's Express Special
22) Thomas Comes Home
23) James, Percy and Nigel
24) Meet All The Engines
25) The Day Thomas Became Famous
26) Thomas And The Fat Controller's Engines

By Thomas collector 


Season 14

1.Rustys rails
2.Peter Sam and the diamond mine
3.Jock and lock
4.Iron Arry and Spencer
5.Stephany and the ant farm
6.Arthur and Murdoch
7.Fergus and Salty to the rescue!
8.Wood all the way
9.The new station
10.Bulstrode off the beach!

Series 14:

1)Rickety The Rickety Truck
2)Memories(Part 1)
3)Memories(Part 2)
4)Friends Reunite
5)Bad Look-Out(Part 1)
6)A Whole New Godred(Part 2)
7)Stepney's Twin Brother
8)Salty's Brother
9)Where's Fergus?
10)Dodge & Splatter Are Back On The Rails
11)James, Bart & Victor
12)Victor's Old Friends
13)Ozzy & Oliver
14)Ozzy & Bart
15)Bart Saves The Day
16)Thumper's Back At The Mines
17)The Diesel's Back
19)Wesley & Billy
20)Derek's Back On The Rails
21)Murdoch's Flight
22)Tom The Dirty Engine
23)Trust Smudger
24)Bertrum & Smudger
25)Dodge, Splatter And The Old Bridge
26)Ronald, Donald & Douglas

Series 14 by Spencer1222



Season 12:
1) Double Trouble For Diesel
2) Sixteen's New Home
3) Emily's Traction Trouble
4) Falcon And Duke Work Together
5) The Link Between Two Railways (Part 1)
6) Jock Meets The Skarloey Engines (Part 2)
7) The Works Engine
8) Smudger, Falcon And The New Salt Mine
9) The Oldest Engine
10) Mary And The New Coaches
11) Megan The Mail Coach
12) Oliver's Second Find
13) Stepney And Mary
14) Rusty The Reliable Diesel
15) Max Makes Havoc
16) Cranky Bugs Salty and Fergus
17) Harvey The Hero
18) Thomas and The Foundry Engines
19) Thomas's New Shed
20) Mary's New Route
21) Henry And The Sodor Roundhouse
22) Arthur's Delightful Day
23) Bill, Ben And Murdoch
24) Diesel Gets Lost
25) Percy And The Bag Pipe Players
26) A Special Party for Thomas
By Thomas Collector And Arthur Fan
Season 11:
1. Percy, James and the Horse Parade
2. Thomas and the Mint Coaches
3. Rickety Rails
4. Gordon to the Rescue
5. Emily's Heavy Freight Load
6. Speedy Steam
7. Duck's Truck Trouble
8. Percy and the Dangerous Track
9. Big Scary Engines
10. Thomas and the Rusty Iron
11. Bertie the Passenger Train
12. Gordon the Grand
13. Thomas's Trees
14. Toby the trickster
15. Trackside Thomas
16. Harold Soars the Sky
17. Percy and the Motor Show
18. Hooray for Jack
19. Duck Hits the Spot
20. Percy's Scottish Trip
21. James and the Tourists
22. Toby's Mountain
23. Night Train
24. Winter Haze
25. The New Bridge
26. Thomas, Trevor and the RockCrusher
by Hit 2005

Season 15:

1.Spencer's Return
2.Percy's Pie
3.Murdoch vs Spencer
4.High Speed Thomas
5.Jane Joins
6.Duck and Larry
7.Oil and Rocks
8.Toby and the Fruit
9.Runaway Larry
10.Sir Handel and Elizabeth
11.The Old, Long Tunnel
12.Duncan's Assignment
13.The Rock and Roll Band
14.Peter Sam and the Concert
15.Emily and the Snow Storm
16.Edward and the Eggs
17.Marty and the Circus Train
18.The Old Gold Mine
19.Duke's Long Train
20.Fergus' New Friend
21.Harvey and the Ship
22.Sir Topham Hatt's Sickness
23.The New Replacement
24.James and the Viaduct
25.Thomas and the Turntable
26.Sir Topham Hatt Returns


1T Season 11

1) Percy, James and the Horse Parade
Percy is excited about seeing the summer fair, but is shocked to see that
James gets to pull the star attraction. But the horses are too heavy, so
Percy has to help James work together.

2)Thomas and the Mint Coaches
Gordon is excited about seeing his brand new gold coaches. Thomas has to
deliver them to him, but he is so overjoyed by them that he goes for a
little drive with them. Gordon is cross to see him pull his coaches and
mutters about it on his way, but he doesn't notice that Elizabeth has had a

3)Rickety Rails
Toby is wearing out and Duck suggests that he shouldn't pull anymore. But
when he is to take some fuel trucks above Gordon's Hill, he notices the
rails are loose and causes an accident with Henry.

4)Gordon to the Rescue
Today, Gordon starts a new timetable. But he is cross to see that he has to
share with Spencer and Spencer starts whooshing in front of him. But the
next day there is trouble when the coaches don't move.

5)Emily's Heavy Freight Load
Percy tells Emily that she is too slow to pull a train. But the next
morning, Percy has to go for an engine check up. This means that Emily has
to pull the mail, Percy's load and her coaches. By the end of the day, she
is worn out.

6)Speedy Steam
Thomas notices that Arthur is billowing black smoke from his pistons. Soon
the big tank engine realises wherever he goes, black smoke seems to follow
him. But when he has to take the Fat Controller for a visit, he 's in for a
nasty surprise.

7)Duck's Truck Trouble
It's winter and Duck is having trouble controlling trucks. This causes
confusion and delay.
But when Duck realises that Henry is in for an accident, he has a brillaint

8)Percy and the Dangerous Track
Gordon warns Percy that he will never be able to go as fast as Gordon. But
when Diesel sends Percy a different way, Percy's in for the ride of his
2T Season 11

9)Big Scary Engines
Thomas, Henry and Gordon have to work near the New Engines Shed. But when
Thomas keeps bumping into things, Henry and Gordon tease him about this. But
disaster strikes when the power supply goes off.

10)Thomas and the Rusty Iron
Thomas is sent to the Smelter Yards but when he arrives, he notices the
scrapper isn't working probably and suddenly makes a loud bang. Thomas is
frightened by this and tells Arry and Bert, but they're in no mood to

11)Bertie the Passenger Train
It's summer and Bertie has to fill in for Thomas while he helps at the coal
mine. But Bertie's engine runs out and is not sure whether to deliver
Gordon's passengers.

12)Gordon the Grand
Gordon wants to go fast for a visitor. But his tight schedule causes
problems for him to gain his goal.

13)Thomas's Trees
A storm knocks down some of the trees in the forest. Thomas is worried that
the children won't see their nature friends again. So he decides to build
them a secret.

14)Toby the Trickster
Percy is working at Centre Island Quarry today. He starts to trick Toby and
cause him problems. Toby decides to pay him out big time, but it turns out
more serious.

15)Trackside Thomas
Thomas takes some maintenance workers to build a new country line. But then
a burst pipe in the mains causes trouble for Fergus and the other enginse.

16)Harold Soars the Sky
It's the Sodor Air Show and Harold is working hard. But his training goes
dull and the engines worry that he may not be able to perform.

Ideas Above By Hit2005
1.Don't Forget Duke-The little engines, Even Peter
Sam, have all forgotten about duke. Then one day,
while worknig the slate mines Sir Handel See's a
little brown engine and immidiatly remembers and
earlier experiance when he was called falcon when duke
saved him. They get him back on the rails and bring
him to the yard and he is soon working again.
Ideas By Peter Sam

3T Season 11

17)Percy and the Motor Show
Percy has to take some cars to the motor show. He is told to guard the Fat
Controller's Car, but instead he goes off to watch the race. Soon he finds
himself racing.

18)Hooray for Jack
The Quarry that the Sodor Construction Co. are building is almost complete.
But Ned the Steam Shovel accidently breaks a huge rock. Jack then asks
Thomas to get some more rocks, but there are none. The front loader then has
a good idea to save the quarry.

19)Duck Hits the Spot
Duck notices a big crack on the sea bridge and tries to find someone to
explain what has happened. He can't find anyone and Thomas is soon
approaching the Little Western Railway.

20)Percy's Scottish Trip
Percy is sent to go to Scotland to pick up Donald and Douglas's Passengers.
But an accident with Thomas means that Stepney has to travel in wet
conditions the next day.

21)James and the Tourists
James is sent to pick up tourists but when they get to Dryaw Station, they
find that Tiger Moth is buzzing around him and loses some tourists. James
then decides to break the rules and take a different route.

22)Toby's Mountain
The rockface for Toby's new line is completed. But the track is very steep
and dangerous and eventually some runaway trucks are coming towards Toby
putting him in danger.

23)Night Train
Thomas pulls a special midnight train. Gordon teases him about seeing
ghosts, but Thomas doesn't believe him. When Thomas reaches Misty Valley,
his fantasy world turns out to be a vision.

24)Winter Haze
Howling Blizzards have reached the Island of Sodor. Edward has to take some
packages to Snowy Falls, and is soon joined by Duck. But heavy snow falls
come their way and eventually Edward is snowed in overnight. Luckily help is
on the way in the morning.

Ideas Above By Hit2005

25)The New Bridge
There is a new bridge to be built for a link to the quarry. But Diesel
carelessly pushes some trucks over the bridge whilst under construction. The
Fat Controller decides to not let Diesel run that line. This means that
Mavis is the only quarry diesel that can run the line.

26)Trevor is sent to Tidmouth Sheds to help with the rolling stock. Thomas
idally watches him, until he is called to get a rockcrusher. But he doesn't
realise that Percy has put the trucks in an awkward way.

Bonus Episodes By Hit2005

Synopsis By Hit2005

Season 12 Episode Guide:
12-1)  Double Trouble For Diesel
Diesel is back up to his old tricks, and the engines do not like it. First he causes an accident with Thomas, Then he bumps poor Emily into the River and finally says that Fergus is a slow coach engine.
All the engines decide to make trouble for diesel and soon the tables turn on him.
12-2)  Sixteen's New Home
Sixteen the industrial saddle tank engine works hard on the other railway. He hates working in the industry and want's to work with wilbert pulling coaches. Later he causes an accident and falls of the rails down an enbankment, this makes the manager cross and he send's him to the island of sodor where the fat controller makes use of him in a new job which sixteen likes.
12-3) Emily's Traction Trouble
Emily is Tired of her traction putting her down, it's because of her Large drive wheels. Ever since she rescued oliver from his near miss accident she has had nothing but trouble.
Her trouble is soon over when her traction gives out after she rescues Oliver again and the fat controller rewards her with a new set of Traction tyres.
12-4) Falcon And Duke Work Together
Falcon and Duke are back on the Skarloey railway. It is now better than ever and today is a very special day, Duke and Falcon have to go on the mountain road again and Falcon is overconfident because he has to go on it by himself. Duke doesn't like the idea of him going on his own and decides to follow him, but falcon doesn't have an accident and they make it across safely.
Duke decides to work with falcon all the time and falcon admits he can not work without him.
12-5) The Link Between Two Railways (Part 1)
The Fat controller and Thin Controller have had an important meeting in the office. An agreement has been made to link Jock's railway with the skarloey railway and the residents of sodor have agreed. All of the little engines do not know about it and neither does the thin controllers, But soon the workmen begin work on the new routes to both railways which the engines do not even know about yet.
12-6) Jock Meets The Skarloey Engines (Part 2)
The new route is completed and both lines have been linked. So The Thin Controller has sent jock and the rest of his engines to live with The Fat Controllers on the Skarloey line, Soon they arrive and all the big and little engines welcome Jock, Rex, Bert, Mike, Frank and Fred onto sodor. Jock and his friends like their new home and all the engines on the skarloey railway begin working together with them.
12-7) The Works Engine
A new engine has been seen chuffing around the works, but nobody knows who he is. The engines are a thinking about him till Arthur has an accident and is sent to the works where he meets the engine, His name is Arnold he is a small blue engine that looks just like Thomas.
Arthur likes this engine and soon everybosy gets to meet him, he was used to fetch special parts for the engine when they needed mending.
12-8) Smudger, Falcon And The New Salt Mine
Smudger has learned his lesson from being a generator, and is now wiser than ever. Falcon likes him and soon the manager has a special job for them. A new salt mine has been built and the sodor salt factory needs the salt for baker's shops, Falcon and Smudger like this job and decide to do things properly.
12-9) The Oldest Engine
A photographer has asked to take pictures of Sir Topham Hatt's engines.
He has a look at all the engines till he sees Duke asleep in the shed, Duke wakes up to find the photographer standing in front of him and he is very shy about it. Later a discovery is made that duke was built before the other engines and turns about to be the oldest engine in the world.
12-10) Mary And The New Coaches
Mary is a new engine, she has been asked by TFC to pick up some new coaches from the docks and take them to the yards.
She finds the coaches and they think she is a werid engine, She doesn't like this and tries to make friends with them but they prove to be to hard to handle for any engine except Thomas.
Synopsis By Thomas Collector
15-1: Spencer's Return
One day, Gordon is going down the line and de-rails at a switch. Since no other engines are available, TFC calls in Spencer. Now TFC notices that Spencer is good with coaches so he puts him on coach duty. But when Gordon returns, he is most angry that he can't pull coaches. And so are the coaches, they hate Spencer. So they try to push him off the line, but don't succeed because Gordon comes to his rescue. Now they are good friends.
15-2: Percy's Pie
It is the annual Sodor Pie Festival and Percy loves taking pies to the festival! He is chosen to go to the factory and pick up the pies. He takes his load to the festival grounds and goes back to get more. But as he is coming back, his brakes fail and he crashes right into the pie vans! No one is hurt but Percy's face is covered in blueberries!
15-3: Murdoch vs Spencer
Murdoch is pulling a freight train one day and just misses ramming into Spencer, who is stalled on the track. After that, Murdoch holds a grudge against Spencer until one day he sees Spencer has stalled again and this time Henry is coming down the line with the Flying Kipper at Spencer and Murdoch is the only one who can save him...
15-4: High Speed Thomas
The track on Gordon's Hill is starting to break, so TFC tells the engines that they must go slow down the hill. Thomas brags to Bill and Ben that he can go down the hill at a fast speed with no problem, so they ask him to do so. He reluctantly agrees and when he does it, he wrecks. He is also damaged and learns a lesson in this.
15-5: Jane Joins
TFC has just bought a new engine from across the land named Jane. She is a purple tender engine. On her first day she is to take coaches but when she sees James struggling with a heavy train, she leaves her coaches and goes to push James' train. TFC is mad at her, but she tells him that she is good with frieght, not coaches. So in the end, he lets her pull frieght.
15-6: Duck and Larry
A new lorry has arrived on the island and is causing lots of problems for the engines, particullarly Duck. Duck doesn't like him so he tries to ignore him. Then one day while he is going down the line, Larry plays a trick on him: He pretends to stop on the tracks and when Duck throws on his brakes, he leaves, making Duck crash and have to be sent to the works.
15-7: Oil and Rocks
Since Duck is away, Oliver is to take Duck's afternoon goods. One day while he is going down the line, Thomas is out in front of him and one of Thomas' oil cars is leaking. Oliver is accidently divered onto an old siding with rocks on it and can't stop due to oil on his wheels. Luckily the buffers stop him and he is okay but is stunned.
15-8: Toby and the Fruit
Toby is to take the fruit to Market Day. But as he is going, some things change. He starts to break down, so Larry is called to take the fruit. But he is careless and wreckless and he smashes the fruit. But the woman who is to take the fruit thinks that Toby did it and she blames him, though it was Larry's fault.
15-9: Runaway Larry
Duck has finally returned from the works. And Larry is causing more trouble than ever. So one day, Duck is to take Larry to another part of the island, over Gordon's Hill. But as he is going up the hill, Larry's truck snaps loose and Larry is sent down the hill and through the line until he falls into the ocean. After TFC finds out what he did, he sends him away.
15-10: Sir Handel and Elizabeth
Sir Handel is back on the line. So one day he is taking some goods down the line and he finds Elizabeth, who insults him and calls him names. After that he doesn't speak to her and ignores her until one day George is trying to crash Elizabeth and Sir Handel can't take it anymore: He saves Elizabeth and they are good friends.
15-11: The Old, Long Tunnel
On the little engines route, there is an old tunnel that Duke is afraid of. It's so old that he thinks that any day now it would collapse on him. He tells the TFC, but he just ignores it. Then one day as Duke is coming up to it with his train, the tunnel collapses right before his eyes! TFC appologizes for not paying attention and decides to fix it so it is better than before.
15-12: Duncan's Assignment
Duncan is to go and pick up an important group of people across the valley. But he is petrified of the valley and refuses to go, but TFC makes him. So he has to brave himself and does good until he suddenly stops in the middle of nowhere. But he gets going and finally finds his special group: A rock and roll band!
15-13: The Rock and Roll Band
Duncan arrives back with his band and they introduce themselves as 'The Sodor Six', a new band that is to play at the new stage on the route. Skarloey is to take them and their supplies to the stage that evening. As he is taking them though the bass player gets ill and he has to turn around. The concert is then pushed back one night, and then the bass player is all better.
15-14: Peter Sam and the Concert
Since Skarloey already has plans for his work, Peter Sam is to take the band to the concert. So finally, the night comes and the band loads their instruments and themselves in Peter Sam's train and he is on his way. But along the way a storm hits and Peter Sam braves himself and continues on his journey. Finally, they arrive and the band thanks Peter Sam and lets him and the little engines watch the concert. So in the end, the 'Sodor Six' puts on a wonderful concert and everything works out!
Synopsis By ATKtrains
17-2 Annie Without Clarabel
Thomas had run over a traffic cone and damaged his
wheels. He had to go to the works to get them
repaired. While he was gone they needed another engine
to fill in for him. The only one available was Diesel.
Since Diesel wasn't aloud to pull coaches they had
Percy do Thomas' work and Diesel do Percy's. Percy was
pulling Annie and Clarabel and watching Diesel he was
concintrating so hard on Diesel that he didn't notice
that Clarabel uncoupled where the Main Line and
Thomas' Branch Line crossed. And hurrying down the
Main Line was Gordon, who banged right into Clarabel!
Luckily no one was hurt, but Clarabel was badly
damaged. She had to go to the works to be repaired.
They needed another coach for the branch line but
there were none, so they sent Diesel away and brought
Daisy. Annie didn't like Daisy. Annie was very bad the
next few days. She made Daisy stall several times as
well as pushed her through buffers and made her
over-run stations. And one day when she was really
angry she derailed Daisy! When Thomas and Clarabel
came home Daisy was told to leave. And how very glad
she was when she was told! Annie and Clarabel are now
back together. They hope they will never be seperated
agian. I know Daisy does!


1. Jason the Clown
Thomas has to pick a new tractor from the foundry. His name is Jason and is
big and strong. But on the way to the fields, Jason starts telling Thomas
jokes. But Thomas is in no mood for jokes.
When he arrives at the field, he finds it is a too easy job which gets
Terence angry. He now starts racing across spraying mud over Terence and
trying dangerous stunts.

2. Calamity Culdee
The Mountain Railway is full of trucks and at the moment are in a heap of
mess. The Mountain engines have to remove them quickly, but Culdee doesn't
listen to Lord Harry's advice taking 3 trucks at a time when he is taking
more than 8 on a triangular line.

3. Wilbert's Warning
Wilbert likes helping in the forest. But today, he has to help Sixteen at
the mines. Sixteen refuses to do the job properly without even waiting for
the banksmen to speak. Wilbert tries to talk with Sixteen but the mean tank
engine finds himself in a pit sooner than expected.

Theme 2 - Helping

4. Harold on the Railway
The engines are excited about a huge station to be built on the Island of
Sodor. Work wouldn't be complete without Harold the Helicopter's help. But
some of the parts are extremely heavy and Harold drops onto the line. No-one
can remove him so Harold stays there for the night, but doesn't realise
Gordon's train is coming through.

5. Butch Helps Out
Oliver notices that Butch has been out of work lately so asks the Fat
Controller to put him back in shape. Soon he is in work but he finds his
route hard when it is on high ground and finds that Stepney has an accident.
Butch must try his very best to rescue Stepney.

6. Percy's Cold Day
Percy is out on one of his trips to Misty Valley with Thumper for rock work.
However Cyril sleeps on the job and forgets to put detonators on the tracks.
Eventually when the workers are ready to start work, the two characters are
back on the docks waiting for the weather to be dry.

Theme 3 - Dangerous locations

7. Mighty Max
The Sodor Construction Co. are working on a new project. Building Mansions
on the Island. But Max the 40 ton dump truck instead boasts about crushing
the smaller vehicles. This makes Jack angry and soon starts teasing him
making him end up in the wrong place.

8. Kelly to the Rescue
Oliver the Excavator is out for repairs. This mean Alfie is the only
excavator to help Kelly. The Big Crane lorry tries to teach Alfie to clear
the rubble away but Alfie says he can do it better than him.
Alfie now wants to do work by himself but doesn't know about the hole

9.Snowy Falls
The engines love to work at Snowy Falls at Christmas time. But Joe the
Petrol Car is finding it hard to load packages and stay on the road
properly. This means Thomas has to do multiple jobs but luckily is in time
to join with Toby's Christmas Treats.


Theme 6 is actually Angry Engines

Theme 7 - Breaking the Rules

19. Quarry Confusion
Bill and Ben are causing mayhem at the Quarry, so the Fat Controller sends
Thomas to help. Thomas then starts to get things in order, and all of a
sudden Bill and Ben start being obedient engines. It carries on until Thomas
and Mavis have to help in the docks. The twins are left on their own and
start being mischievous

20. Disaster for Daisy
Toby's old line has become the most rusty line on the Island and people are
worried that it won't be useable. Daisy is working near Ffarhquar station
and needs to collect more passengers. But Toby warns her that his old line
is too worn out. Daisy just ignores him and says she can manage across any
line. But she is wrong.

21. Bulgy and the Farm House
Bulgy likes being a vegetable bus now. He has learnt a lot after being a
disastrous double decker bus.
Today, he helps the farmer plough fields. Bulgy thinks this is abnormal but
doesn't disagree.
He is soon running up the road collecting vegetables. He is soon tired and
decides to take a rest. But he starts to sleep drive which makes him crash
into the cabbage field. All the farmer's vegetables are ruined.

Theme 8 - Engines Can Prove Useful

22. Spencer and the Snowplough
Heavy Drifts of snow lie across the Island of Sodor. But it is not swept
away quickly. Spencer has a new snowplough and starts showing off. When he
reaches his shed he notices Emily's Snowplough. He says it is rubbish and
sprays snow all over her. Emily is very cross. Later Arthur breaks down and
Spencer is sent to rescue him. But he goes too fast and falls off a cliff.
This means Emily has to make a double rescue.

23. Edward's Coaches
Edward is good at shunting coaches for other engines. But Donald and Douglas
are kept waiting when he is trying to get from Knapford to Maron station to
drop the coaches off there. He is late and the guards decide Edward is not
useful anymore. Later Thomas has an accident on the points and Edward is the
only engine available to help pull Annie and Clarabel.

Theme 9 - Narrow Gauge Engines

24. Duncan's Dilemma
Peter Sam enjoys taking the Dining Car around the Narrow Gauge. But Duncan
thinks it's a stupid thing and upsets Peter Sam. Later Duncan foolishly
crashes into the Dining Car and knocks all the food over. The Fat Controller
then makes Duncan help the with the Dining Car and his work as well.

25. Reliable Rheneas
Rheneas likes the countryside but works more on the mountainside. Eliazabeth
reckons that he should drive around the country and stay off work. But
Rheneas has to get jobs finished and is soon tired by the work that he goes
slower and slower until he reaches the dangerous bit of the track and rushes
right down the hill and into Elizabeth's wagon load. But he is still able to
complete his job and is very useful.

26. Skiddy Skarloey
The Narrow Gauge engines have a taste of winter on their railway. Rusty is
helping on the steep incline but problems occur and Skarloey has to wait for
him to arrive at the junction. It takes ages and finally Skarloey dashes
off. On his way the grit has not worked on the track and he starts skating
along the railway and crashes in a frozen pond. Rusty arrives and says that
Winter is no good to Skarloey.

Theme 10 - Songs

Jack and the Pack
Henry, Big and Strong
Troublesome Trucks


More Sumarry's soon...